After an assessment, your child will be placed into one of the following grades, based upon ability (not age). Click on the appropriate grade for lesson times.

BABIES - Children under 12 months old. Water familiarisation, skills, and safety in the water. Children up to 3 yrs showing confidence and skill, will move into the 'without parent' class.

LEARNERS - Water familiarisation, basic skills, safety.

KICKERS - Learning the fundamentals of kicking for each stroke, propulsion, body position, and stabilisation.

BREATHERS - Learning the fundamentals of breathing for each stroke, head position, body position, coordination.

STROKERS - Learning the fundamental arm and body movements for each stroke, recovery, catch/push, rotation, reach.

SQUAD - Improving swimming fitness, speed and skill levels. Improved confidence in the water and results in swimming competitions.

Aqua Aerobics

We offer 1 session each week currently (all ages welcome).

Senior Swimming Squad

Designed for Competitive Swimmers, Triathletes, and Fitness.

Check here for the timetable: http://www.trainingsmartonline.com.